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Kansas Energy News

October 2006

Board signs letter of support for wind turbine
(Concordia Blade-Empire, Oct. 31, 2006)

Utility rate hearing grabs little attention
(Wichita Eagle, October 31, 2006)

BioMASSIVE opportunity
(Hutchinson News, Oct. 29, 2006)
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Sunflower sees growth in energy projects
(Wichita Eagle, October 29, 2006)

Sierra Club attorney predicts approval of Sunflower permit
(Hutchinson News, Oct. 27, 2006)
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Attorney predicts permit approval for electric company
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct. 27, 2006)
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Proposed power plants face criticism
(Lawrence Journal-World, October 27, 2006)

Coal-powered plant draws criticism, backing
(Lawrence Journal-World, October 26, 2006)

Campus sustainability center considered
(KU Daily Kansan, October 25, 2006)

Self-reliant power systems find customers
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct. 25, 2006)
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Public opinion favors expansion
(Garden City Telegram, Oct. 25, 2006)

Most in favor of new Sunflower plants
(Hutchinson News, Oct. 25, 2006)
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Workshop set to give details on community wind projects
(Hutchinson News, Oct. 25, 2006)
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Oil pipeline would cross Kansas
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct. 25, 2006)
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Spearville wind farm boosts Kansas to one of top seven states in wind power
(Dodge City Globe, Oct. 24, 2006)
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State seeks comment on new electric plants
(Lawrence Journal-World, October 24, 2006)

Holcomb Additions: Air Emission Source Construction Permit
Draft permit application to KDHE

Plant seeks public comment
(Garden City Telegram, Oct. 21, 2006)

Westar Energy to host open houses
(Hutchinson News, Oct. 21, 2006)
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Spearville wind farm is eye-catching
(Hutchinson News, Oct. 20, 2006)
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Ethanol plan developer says plan moving along
(Marysville Advocate, October 19, 2006)

Bio process may lower fuel costs
(Hillsboro Free Press, October 18, 2006)

Recycling all about the green
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct. 18, 2006)
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County proceeds with ethanol plant request for IRBs
((Liberal, KS) Southwest Daily Times, October 17, 2006)

KCP&L to celebrate wind farm in Spearville
(Dodge City Globe, Oct. 17, 2006)
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Speakers look to grass, wind for energy
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Oct. 17, 2006)
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Wolf Creek nuclear power plant seeks 20-year extension
(Wichita Eagle, October 17, 2006)

Semitrailers hauling wind generators take wrong turn
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct. 17, 2006)
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Chat about the state's energy future with Rep. Tom Sloan
(Lawrence Journal-World, October 16, 2006)

State council hears wind-energy plan
(Lawrence Journal-World, October 14, 2006)

LTE: Facts on Electric Plant
(Hutchinson News, Oct. 14, 2006)
(Registration required)

County wind farm project moves ahead
(McPherson Sentinel, October 14, 2006)

School board hires energy consultant
((Liberal, KS) Southwest Daily Times, October 12, 2006)

State fair board seeks funds to assist with bills
(Hutchinson News, Oct. 12, 2006)
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Ethanol a growth industry for Kansas
(Wichita Eagle, October 12, 2006)

Easy Solar Power
(Mother Earth News, October/November 2006)

Energy-saving home improvements save money
(KU Daily Kansan, October 9, 2006)

Fair highlights innovations in conservation for homes
(Lawrence Journal-World, October 9, 2006)

Critics skeptical of monetary gift
(Garden City Telegram, Oct. 6, 2006)

KSU professor: Ethanol hopes may be too high
(Garden City Telegram, Oct. 5, 2006)

Fair to tout energy efficiency in homes
(Lawrence Journal-World, October 5, 2006)

Construction moving fast at plant
(Pratt Tribune, October 4, 2006)

Japanese diplomat shares experiences with students
(Lawrence Journal-World, October 2, 2006)

Farmers could get crop change
(Boston Globe, Oct. 2, 2006)

State's energy policy proves frustrating for officials
(Hutchinson News, Oct. 1, 2006)
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Editorial: Energy vs. environment
(Hutchinson News, Oct. 1, 2006)
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September 2006

Interests collide in coal plant debate
(Hutchinson News, Sept. 30, 2006)
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Candidates agree: State energy may be due for change
(Hutchinson News, Sept. 30, 2006)
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Officials show little interest in call for coal moratorium
(Hutchinson News, Sept. 29, 2006)
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Editorial: Governor Candidates Fall Short on Energy
(Wichita Eagle, September 28, 2006)

Cartoon: While visions of coal plants danced in their heads
(Wichita Eagle, September 28, 2006)

Local firm hopes for success with ethanol
(Basehor Sentinel, Sept. 28, 2006)

Lawrence OKs purchase of energy 'green tags'
(Lawrence Journal-World, Sept. 27, 2006)

Ethanol Pushers: Part II
(The (Kansas City) Pitch Weekly, Sept. 28, 2006)

Sierras calls for plant moratorium
(Hutchinson News, Sept. 27, 2006)
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Moratorium sought on coal-fired plants
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 27, 2006)
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Enel becomes the largest stakeholder in TradeWind Energy LLC
(TradeWind Energy Press Release, Sept. 26, 2006 - PDF - 39 KB)

State seeks comments on Sunflower
(Garden City Telegram, Sept. 26, 2006)

BPU earns 'A+' rating
(Kansas City Kansan, Sept. 26, 2006)

Sierra Club asks Sebelius for moratorium on coal-fired plants
(Kansas City Star, September 26, 2006)
(Registration required)

County board approves Everton’s test drilling
(Concordia Blade-Empire, Sept. 26, 2006)

Planning board adopts four new amendments to wind farm resolution
(McPherson Sentinel, September 25, 2006)

Workshops in Topeka to focus on future of energy
(Garden City Telegram, September 23, 2006)

Ethanol Pushers: Part I
(The (Kansas City) Pitch Weekly, Sept. 21, 2006)

County approves 4-point tax exemption package for ethanol plant
((Liberal, KS) Southwest Daily Times, September 19, 2006)

State Fair braces for utility shock
(Wichita Eagle, September 19, 2006)

Shawnee Co. energy audit generates concern
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 19, 2006)
(Registration required)

Basehor ethanol company to build plant in Illinois
(Kansas City Star, September 18, 2006)
(Registration required)

Commuter cuts costs with biofuel
(Wichita Eagle, September 17, 2006)

New power grid would tie Kansas, Colorado
(Pueblo (Col.) Chieftain, September 15, 2006)

Officials consider ethanol plant
(Marysville Advocate, September 14, 2006)

KS company's wind farm plans awaiting approval in PA
((Johnstown, PA) Tribune-Democrat, Sept. 14, 2006)

Spearville wind farm now up and running
(Hutchinson News, Sept. 13, 2006)
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Editorial: More climate debate fodder
(Manhattan Mercury, September 12, 2006)
(Registration required)

County discusses various tax exemption incentives for ethanol plant
((Liberal, KS) Southwest Daily Times, September 12, 2006)

New Kansas plant turning out ethanol
(Ethanol Producer Magazine, Sept. 12, 2006)

KCP&L wind facility in Kansas producing electricity
(Kansas City Star, September 12, 2006)
(Registration required)

KCP&L's Kansas wind farm is up and running
(Kansas City Business Journal, Sept. 12, 2006)

Everton Energy purchases land options for ethanol plant
(Concordia Blade-Empire, Sept. 11, 2006)

Editorial: E85 Alternative Fuel -- Tough choice
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 11, 2006)
(Registration required)

Ethanol coming to Concordia
(Wichita Eagle, September 9, 2006)

Westar to build transmission line from Wichita to Hutch
(Hutchinson News, September 8, 2006)
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New ethanol company adds ex-Duke Energy exec to board
(Kansas City Star, September 8, 2006)
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Wind farms can be a welcome asset in the right community, K-State researcher says
(K-State Press Release, September 7, 2006)

City urged to jump on electric buses
(Lawrence Journal-World, September 7, 2006)

Water, ethanol a good mix
(Pratt Tribune, September 6, 2006)

Conestoga seeks county's help with grant
((Liberal, KS) Southwest Daily Times, September 6, 2006)

Harvey County trash may turn to energy
(Wichita Eagle, September 6, 2006)

Alternative energy group forms state chapter
(Wichita Eagle, September 5, 2006)

Wind power potential
(Lawrence Journal-World, September 5, 2006)

State targets shortage of oil workers
(Lawrence Journal-World, September 5, 2006)

Buses may dump the pump
(Lawrence Journal-World, September 4, 2006)

KU, Black & Veatch plan energy classes
(Lawrence Journal-World, September 4, 2006)

Kansas leaders say they'll wait for federal carbon caps
(Hutchinson News, September 1, 2006)
(Registration required)

Cartoon: Ethanol
(Wichita Eagle, September 1, 2006)

What's Kansas doing to fight warming?
(Wichita Eagle, September 1, 2006)

U.S. Energy News

October 2006

Budgets Falling in Race to Fight Global Warming
(New York Times, Oct. 30, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Global attack on warming urged in new British study
(San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 30, 2006)

Ethanol: Blessing or bane?
(Kansas City Star, October 30, 2006)
(Registration required)

Ethanol Could Corrode Pumps, Testers Say
(New York Times, Oct. 27, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Rigs on the Skyline and Gas Far Below
(New York Times, Oct. 27, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Ski resorts fight global warming
(San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 27, 2006)

When kitchen waste isn't wasted
(San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 25, 2006)

In emissions battle, US cities vie to be 'greenest'
(Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 25, 2006)

A more efficient US? Energy agency prods only a bit.
(Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 24, 2006)

Gore stumps in Berkeley for oil production tax
(San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 24, 2006)

War in Sudan? Not Where the Oil Wealth Flows
(New York Times, Oct. 24, 2006)
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In Deregulation, Power Plants Turn Into Blue Chips
(New York Times, Oct. 23, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Editorial: A Reason to Drill in the Gulf
(New York Times, Oct. 23, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Winds of change are blowing
(Maryville (Mo.) Daily Forum, Oct. 22, 2006)

Richard Branson's Global-Warming Donation Nearly As Much As Cost Of Failed Balloon Trips
(The Onion, October 18, 2006)

Samuelson: An Oil Habit America Cannot Break
(Washington Post, Oct. 18, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Residents express concerns about ethanol plant
(Concordia Blade-Empire, Oct. 17, 2006)

Editorial: Energy Shortage
(New York Times, Oct. 17, 2006)
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U.S. coal plant boom poses big questions
(Wichita Eagle, October 15, 2006)

EPA relaxing environmental rules for ethanol plants
(Kansas City Star, October 15, 2006)
(Registration required)

Competitive Era Fails to Shrink Electric Bills
(New York Times, Oct. 15, 2006)
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Keeping It 'Green' With Panels and More
(New York Times, Oct. 15, 2006)
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Green homes are gaining ground in San Antonio
(San Antonio Express-News, Oct. 13, 2006)

New combatant against global warming: insurance industry
(Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 13, 2006)

Bush Says Lower Oil Prices Won’t Blunt New-Fuel Push
(New York Times, Oct. 13, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Editorial: Doubting Inhofe
(New York Times, Oct. 12, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Sen. Inhofe fights the tide, calls warming by humans a hoax
(San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 11, 2006)

Low-Sulfur Diesel Fuel Is Reaching Market
(New York Times, Oct. 11, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Low speed electric cars looking for green light
(La Crosse (Wis.) Tribune, Oct. 10, 2006)

Maine College Makes Green Pledge
(Washington Post, Oct. 9, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Editorial: Nation still needs a sane energy policy
(Washington Post, Oct. 9, 2006)
(Registration required)

Editorial: Roller Coaster at the Pump
(New York Times, Oct. 8, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Conspiracy Theories Abound as Oil Prices Fluctuate
(Washington Post, Oct. 6, 2006)
(Registration required)

Report warns of warming in West
(San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 6, 2006)

A Mix of Oil and Environmentalism
(New York Times, Oct. 6, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Ethanol pushing corn demand
(Newton Kansan, Oct. 5, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Borrowing Affordable Ideas From a Green Tudor Mansion
(New York Times, Oct. 5, 2006)
(Registration Required)

The Energy Diet
(New York Times, Oct. 5, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Editorial: A Better Diesel
(New York Times, Oct. 4, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Forum: Will green power fizzle if oil prices keep slumping?
(Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 2, 2006)

HOME SOLAR SYSTEM: Active, passive energy run Dexter Twp. house
(Detroit Free Press, October 1, 2006)

September 2006

Town takes a green stand
(Long Island Newsday, September 29, 2006)

NYT: The Ascent of Wind Power
(Wilmington (NC) Star-News, Sept. 28, 2006)

The Ascent of Wind Power
(New York Times, September 28, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Journal Says Global Warming Document Was Blocked
(New York Times, September 28, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Race to make clean, fuel-sipping cars revs up
(Christian Science Monitor, September 28, 2006)

More cities and towns offer incentives to drive 'green'
(Christian Science Monitor, September 28, 2006)

Editorial: McLennan County must avoid 'tsunami of emissions'
(Waco (Tx.) Tribune, Sept. 28, 2006)

Gov. Doyle announces plan for UW campuses to be energy independent
(La Crosse (Wis.) Tribune, Sept. 27, 2006)

Schwarzenegger Signs Global Warming Bill
(San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 27, 2006)

Extraordinary Rise in Warming Is Seen
(New York Times, September 28, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Prequel to a Hydrogen Future: Driving G.M.’s Fuel Cell Prototype
(New York Times, September 24, 2006)
(Registration Required)

A reality check on plug-in hybrids
(Christian Science Monitor, September 25, 2006)

This winter, cost of heating homes is forecast to drop
(Christian Science Monitor, September 25, 2006)

A Boat Racing on Biodiesel, but Running Low on Money
(New York Times, September 25, 2006)
(Registration Required)

State red tape trips up green energy efforts
(San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 24, 2006)

Prequel to a Hydrogen Future: Driving G.M.’s Fuel Cell Prototype
(New York Times, September 24, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Branson Pledges to Finance Clean Fuels
(New York Times, September 22, 2006)
(Registration Required)

British Science Group Says Exxon Misrepresents Climate Issues
(New York Times, September 21, 2006)
(Registration Required)

On the flight path to global meltdown
(The Guardian (UK), September 21, 2006)

White House Outlines Global Warming Fight
(Washington Post, September 21, 2006)
(Registration required)

Hard choices for governor: 2 new bills on warming
(San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 21, 2006)

Toxic mercury contaminating more species, report shows
(San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 20, 2006)

Alaska astir over plan to tap its big 'tank' of natural gas
(Christian Science Monitor, September 20, 2006)

Monbiot: Why my house is a disaster zone
(The Guardian (UK), September 20, 2006)

The denial industry (Global Warming)
(The Guardian (UK), September 19, 2006)

Better gas mileage helps sell vehicles
(Detroit News, September 19, 2006)

Gore Calls for Immediate Freeze on Heat-Trapping Gas Emissions
(New York Times, September 19, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Commentary: A Call for Domestic Renewable Energy
(Washington Post, September 19, 2006)
(Registration required)

Turning up the heat on recycled fuel
(Kansas City Star, September 18, 2006)
(Registration required)

Boehlert: Washington's Energy Failure
(Washington Post, September 18, 2006)
(Registration required)

Search for a better battery keeps going and going
(Christian Science Monitor, September 18, 2006)

Davids: Ethanol rumors growing
(Kansas City Star, September 17, 2006)
(Registration required)

No matter how you wash it, front-loaders use least water
(Wichita Eagle, September 16, 2006)

For Kansas Farmers, Water Is a Vanishing Commodity
(New York Times, September 16, 2006)
(Registration Required)

In Gamble, Calif. Tries to Curb Greenhouse Gases
(New York Times, September 15, 2006)
(Registration Required)

US to cut funds for two renewable energy sources
(Christian Science Monitor, September 15, 2006)

Off Oregon's coast, researchers hope to pump electricity from surf to turf
(Christian Science Monitor, September 15, 2006)

Even in winter, arctic ice melting
(San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 14, 2006)

In the Netherlands, Life Runs on 2 Wheels (Sometimes 3)
(New York Times, September 14, 2006)
(Registration Required)

The 10-gallon wash and other water solutions
(Professional Carwashing & Detailing, October 2006)

Bicyclists winning a war of lanes in San Francisco
(Christian Science Monitor, September 12, 2006)

Texas cool to confront warming
(Kansas City Star, September 12, 2006)
(Registration required)

Report links global warming, storms
(San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 12, 2006)

Oregon community opts off the grid
(Seattle Times, September 11, 2006)

Redesigning Crops to Harvest Fuel
(New York Times, September 8, 2006)
(Registration Required)

In the Iraqi war zone, US Army calls for 'green' power
(Christian Science Monitor, September 7, 2006)

Cowen: What else may change with climate
(Christian Science Monitor, September 7, 2006)

Editorial: California's inconvenient truth
(Christian Science Monitor, September 6, 2006)

Big oil find by Chevron team deep in Gulf
(San Francisco Chronicle, September 6, 2006)

Dip in gas prices may lift entire economy
(Christian Science Monitor, September 5, 2006)

Gore: We have to solve global warming
(CNN.com, September 5, 2006)

EDITORIAL: Shades of green
(San Francisco Chronicle, September 5, 2006)

New Oil Field in Gulf May Yield Billions of Barrels
(New York Times, September 5, 2006)
(Registration Required)

Car-Sharing Merges Into the Mainstream
(Washington Post, September 5, 2006)
(Registration required)

No electricity, no problem
(Bend (OR) Bulletin, September 4, 2006)

'A critical step' on warming
(San Francisco Chronicle, September 1, 2006)

California takes lead in global-warming fight
(Christian Science Monitor, September 1, 2006)

Editorial: From California, a Breakthrough
(New York Times, September 1, 2006)
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