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Kansas Energy News

October 2002

Board supports Sunflower addition
(Garden City Telegram, October 31, 2002)

Texas company makes offers on mineral rights
(Hays Daily News, October 31, 2002)

Firm pulls proposal to set up wind farm
(Wichita Eagle, October 31, 2002)

Zilkha drops bid to construct wind farm
(El Dorado Times, October 28, 2002)

Sunflower clears one obstacle
(Garden City Telegram, October 28, 2002)

Eye on expansion (Midwest Energy)
(Hutchinson News, October 28, 2002)

Kansas businesses to receive $2.8 million in grants
(Topeka Capital-Journal, October 27, 2002)

Utility switch won't be a shock
(Hutchinson News, October 27, 2002)

Hays energy company's main supplier is Westar
(Hutchinson News, October 27, 2002)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, October 27, 2002)

Lawsuit filed against ONEOK over explosion
(Topeka Capital-Journal, October 25, 2002)

Two Hutchinson stores sue companies blamed in blast
(Hutchinson News, October 24, 2002)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, October 20, 2002)

Sunflower Electric set to build new plant near Garden City
(Hutchinson News, October 19, 2002)

Shallenburger campaign purchased political poll from Westar Energy
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, October 18, 2002)

Westar sale could raise energy rates
(Hutchinson News, October 17, 2002)

Westar wants to sell part of its service area
(Topeka Capital-Journal, October 16, 2002)

Midwest Energy agrees to buy Westar customers
(Hays Daily News, October 15, 2002)

Plans to convert railline into trail draws opposition
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, October 15, 2002)

Rails-to-trails opposition steepens
(Joplin (MO) Globe, October 14, 2002)

Sloan: Wind energy
(Lawrence Journal-World, October 14, 2002)

Sunflower Electric looking to restructure
(Salina News, October 14, 2002)

Amtrak, may be in trouble once again
(Garden City Telegram, October 14, 2002)

Wichita Eagle Editorial: Renewable Energy
(Hays Daily News, October 14, 2002)

Montgomery: Running on Soybean oil
(Hays Daily News, October 13, 2002)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, October 13, 2002)

Wichita Eagle Editorial: Wind Energy
(Dodge City Globe, October 12, 2002)

Bike path still a possibility
(Garden City Telegram, October 11, 2002)

GC bike path idea still awaits funding
(Hutchinson News, October 11, 2002)

Group wants bike/hike trail
(Hays Daily News, October 10, 2002)

Companies make pitches on projects
(Garden City Telegram, October 9, 2002)

Advocates making energy supply an issue in Kansas governor's race
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, October 6, 2002)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, October 6, 2002)

Editorial: Location: Wind energy offers promise - if carefully sited
(Wichita Eagle, October 5, 2002)

Solar home tour to be next week
(Wichita Eagle, October 5, 2002)

Event to share ideas for saving energy at home
(Kansas City Star, October 4, 2002)

Editorial: Green Hays
(Hays Daily News, October 4, 2002)

Wind energy discussed
(The University of Kansas Daily Kansan, October 3, 2002)

Hays bucks recycling trend with high numbers
(Hays Daily News, October 3, 2002)

Energy council's composition criticized
(Lawrence Journal-World, October 3, 2002)

Graves appoints energy group
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, October 3, 2002)

(Editorial) KCC and Westar Energy: KCC did its job
(Topeka Capital-Journal, October 3, 2002)

Brown site drills wells for heatingGeothermal: Source system relies on underground temperatures to regulate the building's atmosphere
(Topeka Capital-Journal, October 3, 2002)

Butler County delays wind farm vote
(Wichita Eagle, October 2, 2002)

Conference recharges interest in wind power
(Topeka Capital-Journal, October 2, 2002)

Editorial: A little sunshine (Westar)
(Hutchinson News, October 2, 2002)

Commission to discuss wind farm plan tonight
(Wichita Eagle, October 1, 2002)

Support Withdrawn for Westar Exemption
(Topeka Capital-Journal, October 1, 2002)

September 2002

Wind farms polarize Butler County
(Wichita Eagle, September 30, 2002)

Editorial: Where's the Beef! (Westar)
(Lawrence Journal-World, September 30, 2002)

Editorial: Westar's troubles
(Hutchinson News, September 29, 2002)

Westar says it will cooperate with probe
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, September 29, 2002)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, September 29, 2002)

U.S. pursues investigation of Westar, CEO Wittig
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 28, 2002)

Regulator objects to Westar exemption
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 28, 2002)

Westar under federal grand jury probe
(Lawrence Journal-World, September 27, 2002)

Regulators to order Westar restructuring
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 27, 2002)

Westar earnings reduction likely
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 26, 2002)

Moore challenges Westar exemption
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 26, 2002)

Westar critics want management investigated
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 25, 2002)

Westar reviews officers' perks
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 24, 2002)

Bicyclists take to the road against multiple sclerosis
(Hutchinson News, September 22, 2002)

Gas prices take leap in region
(Hutchinson News, September 21, 2002)

Energy bill loophole aimed at Westar
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, September 21, 2002)

Westar wants special exemption from Congress
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 21, 2002)

State: Wind energy has $1 billion potential
(Wichita Business Journal, September 20, 2002)

Cycling for a cause
(Lawrence Journal-World, September 19, 2002)

Two sides agree plant would help economy
(Garden City Telegram, September 18, 2002)

KU first to use new policy for conservation
(Lawrence Journal-World, September 18, 2002)

KGS teams to look for more brine wells
(Hutchinson News, September 18, 2002)

Western loses railroad battle
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 18, 2002)

(Securities and Exhcange Commission Report, September 17, 2002)

Water users say Sunflower plant would do more harm
(Garden City Telegram, September 17, 2002)

Regulators to disclose confidential Westar information
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 15, 2002)

Westar board says company is no Enron
(Lawrence Journal-World, September 15, 2002)

Investigation of distillery blast to begin
(Kansas City Star, September 14, 2002)

Distillery explosion leaves four injured in Atchison
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 14, 2002)

Study: Sunflower addition would mean Billions
(Garden City Telegram, September 14, 2002)

Hearing set for Sunflower water rights
(Garden City Telegram, September 14, 2002)

Cost of energy expected to go up
(Hays Daily News, September 13, 2002)

Editorial: Moving ahead - California adopts new efficiency standards
(Hutchinson News, September 12, 2002)

KGS pipeline project moves along
(Hutchinson News, September 5, 2002)

Mesler: Get busy and pass new energy policy
(Wichita Eagle, September 3, 2002)

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U.S. Energy News

October 2002

U.S. cars follow trend toward gas guzzling
(Lawrence Journal-World, October 30, 2002)

Vermont motorist cruising country on fryer fuel
(Salina Journal, October 29, 2002)

50 years later, uranium plant has a mixed legacy
(Dodge City Globe, October 26, 2002)

Trading in Greenhouse Gases
(Christian Science Monitor, October 24, 2002)

Ford Gives River Rouge a Green Coat
(The New York Times, October 23, 2002)
(Registration is required to view.)

The Foreign Policy of S.U.V.'s (letters to the editor)
(The New York Times, October 22, 2002)
(Registration is required to view.)

Fuel efficiency vs. air quality
(Washington Times, October 20, 2002)

Drilling for Freedom
(The New York Times, October 20, 2002)
(Registration is required to view.)

Is it all about oil?
(Christian Science Monitor, October 16, 2002)

Study aims to protect birds from turbines
(Knoxville (TN) News-Sentinel, October 15, 2002)

Turbines energize research
(Knoxville (TN) News, October 14, 2002)

FEATURE-Cape Cod wind farm plan stirs up controversy
(Forbes Magazine, October 14, 2002)

Gas prices rise after six months of stability
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, October 14, 2002)

Pulling the plug: Carmakers scrap electric vehicles
(San Francisco Chronicle, October 10, 2002)

White House Joins Fight Against Electric Cars
(The New York Times, October 10, 2002)
(Registration is required to view.)

Wind farm gets go-ahead
(Rocky Mtn. News (Denver, CO), October 8, 2002)

Experimental village promotes solar power
(Wichita Eagle, October 2, 2002)

Heaster: Best to let this energy bill die peacefully
(Kansas City Star, October 2, 2002)

September 2002

Shell Oil purchasing Pennzoil Quaker State
(Arkansas City Traveler, September 28, 2002)

Makers of MTBE gas additive seek environmental liability protection as part of ethanol proposal
(Dodge City Globe, September 28, 2002)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial: Privatizing the electrical industry
(Dodge City Globe, September 27, 2002)

Rifkin: End of the Fossil-Fuel Era
(Washington Post, September 26, 2002)

Energy bill on fast track on Capitol Hill: House hopes to convince Senate to OK oil drilling in Alaska refuge
(San Francisco Chronicle, September 25, 2002)

Ebell: Energy policy astray
(Washington Times, September 24, 2002)

Methane digesters rely on bacteria to do job
(Newsday (Long Island NY), September 22, 2002)

Montana considers going into the electricity business
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, September 21, 2002)

OPEC apparently won't boost production
(Topeka Capital-Journal, September 19, 2002)

Mega-farm trend does the dairies good (methane digestor)
(Appleton (WI) Post-Crescent, September 17, 2002)

A Role for Solar, but its a Cameo
(The New York Times, September 13, 2002)
(Registration is required to view.)

Schwartz: Air Pollution Con Game
(Washington Times, September 13, 2002)

Higher oil prices could be on horizon
(Lawrence Journal-World, September 12, 2002)

Editorial: New Oil Frontiers
(Washington Times, September 9, 2002)

Novak: Oil, Iraq and the airlines
(Hays Daily News, September 9, 2002)

COMMENTARY: The Power to Change the World
(The Los Angeles Times, September 2, 2002)
(Registration is required to view.)

Phillips-Conoco merger unlikely to affect gas prices
(Arkansas City Traveler, September 2, 2002)

It smells like electricity (cow manure methane)
(Des Moines (IA) Register, September 1, 2002)

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