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Kansas Energy News

April 2004

Wind energy forum set for today
(El Dorado Times, April 29, 2004)

County extends moratorium on wind farm applications
(Manhattan Mercury, April 29, 2004)
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Task force hears from locals
(Manhattan Mercury, April 29, 2004)
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Wind energy task force here
(Manhattan Mercury, April 28, 2004)
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Hutch gas prices set state record
(Hutchinson News, April 28, 2004)

Cloud of controversy follows 'Dr. Hydrogen'
(Lawrence Journal-World, April 27, 2004)

Editorial: Recycling -- Old tech
The city is promoting recycling to keep yard debris out of the landfill
(Topeka Capital-Journal, April 25, 2004)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, April 25, 2004)

City urges power plant impact study
(Leavenworth Times, April 23, 2004)

Gas prices continue to move up ahead of travel season
(Hutchinson News, April 23, 2004)

Local utilities faulted for spewing pollution
(Kansas City Star, April 22, 2004)
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City seeks input on rail-to-trail plan
(Wichita Eagle, April 22, 2004)

Editorial: Trails
(Wichita Eagle, April 22, 2004)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, April 18, 2004)

Economy, ecology fan wind farm debate
The governor's task force has to decide the call and which should rule in the Flint Hills.
(Wichita Eagle, April 17, 2004)

Task force grapples with wind farm development as deadline nears
(Dodge City Globe, April 17, 2004)

Wind farm rules elusive
Task force weighs five suggestions in advance of May 31 deadline
(Topeka Capital-Journal, April 17, 2004)

Task force hopes to harness wind energy, prairie debate
(Lawrence Journal-World, April 16, 2004)

Farmland site still interests county
Local officials seek details of fuel-cell plan
(Lawrence Journal-World, April 16, 2004)

Task force grapples with wind farm development as deadline nears
(Kansas City Star, April 16, 2004)
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SEP Case Study: Building Confidence, A Story of Consensus in Kansas
(Dept. of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy program, March 2004)

Fuel-cell maker bids for Farmland
'Dr. Hydrogen' wants to begin manufacturing in idled Lawrence plant
(Lawrence Journal-World, April 15, 2004)

Editorial: Power plant hearings
(Kansas City Star, April 14, 2004)
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Natural gas costs hurting farmers
(Hutchinson News, April 14, 2004)

Price of gasoline soars to new high
(Wichita Eagle, April 14, 2004)

A better blend: Farmers pleased that McPherson refinery is premixing soy biodiesel
(Hutchinson News, April 11, 2004)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, April 11, 2004)

Demand grows for fuel made with soy
(Wichita Eagle, April 9, 2004)

Bio-diesel terminal unveiled
(Salina Journal, April 8, 2004)

Turbine plan stirs debate
(Hutchinson News, April 8, 2004)

State ready to end probe of Westar
(Wichita Eagle, April 6, 2004)

County to evaluate oil and gas reporting
(Garden City Telegram, April 6, 2004)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, April 4, 2004)

Kansas among states opposing coal merger
(Topeka Capital-Journal, April 2, 2004)

March 2004

Obsolete assumptions: Fuel efficiency ratings based on 1985 data
(Hutchinson News, March 30, 2004)

Gasoline prices -- ants needed
(Topeka Capital-Journal, March 30, 2004)

Kansas oil patch booms as pump prices soar
(Wichita Eagle, March 28, 2004)

Recycling picks up: Hutchinson becoming a recycling leader in Kansas
(Hutchinson News, March 28, 2004)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, March 28, 2004)

Embracing the wind
(Manhattan Mercury, March 27, 2004)

McPherson refinery to hire 800
(Topeka Capital-Journal, March 26, 2004)

Locals feel pinch as gas prices rise
(Garden City Telegram, March 26, 2004)

Senate rejects wind farm ban
(Salina Journal, March 24, 2004)

Morris, area officials pulling for plan
(Garden City Telegram, March 23, 2004)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, March 21, 2004)

Pumped-up prices
Travelers will see high gas prices wherever they go.
(Wichita Eagle, March 19, 2004)

Prices at the pump rising locally, nationwide
(Hutchinson News, March 18, 2004)

Gas prices higher, similar to March 2003
(Newton Kansan, March 17, 2004)

Fight the Energy Hog
KCC kicks off education program
(Topeka Capital-Journal, March 17, 2004)

Commitment to solar
G.E. acquires solar equipment firm assets
(Hutchinson News, March 16, 2004)

Lawrence legislator to speak to federal agency about wind energy
(Lawrence Journal-World, March 15, 2004)

Toplikar: Rising gasoline prices make hybrids more enticing
(Lawrence Journal-World, March 15, 2004)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, March 14, 2004)

No stopping the wind
(Manhattan Mercury, March 9, 2004)
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County claims lead on wind projects
(El Dorado Times, March 9, 2004)

Great Bend recycling operation is increasingly resourceful
(Hutchinson News, March 7, 2004)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, March 7, 2004)

Energy council to pursue new plant
Kansas among states interested in $1 billion FutureGen project
(Lawrence Journal-World, March 6, 2004)

Suber: Responding to a 'prim' critic's question (wind)
(Newton Kansan, March 4, 2004)

Paying more at the pump
(Topeka Capital-Journal, March 2, 2004)

Westar issues a Request for Proposal for Renewable Resources for up to 200 MW
(PDF) Feb. 12, 2004

U.S. Energy News

April 2004

Ethanol plants blooming
Nebraska region becoming nation's corn-fed fuel chief
(Topeka Capital-Journal, April 30, 2004)

Oil company boss: Supply will last
Demand for fossil fuels will change with technology
(Topeka Capital-Journal, April 30, 2004)

E.P.A. Will Not Withdraw Its Mercury Plan
(New York Times, April 30, 2004)
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Bid to Revive Energy Legislation Via Unrelated Bill Fails in Senate
(Washington Post, April 30, 2004)

Ford's Green Rouge attracts bees, birds, praise
Enhancements will clean soil, boost worker productivity
(Detroit News, April 29, 2004)

Editorial: Energy Follies
(Washington Post, April 29, 2004)

Mercury rising
Heavy reliance on coal is boosting mercury levels. How should the US limit emissions from the power industry?
(Christian Science Monitor, April 29, 2004)

Editorial: New Allies in the Energy Wars
(New York Times, April 26, 2004)
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Dulley: Vented skylights reduce cooling and lighting costs
(Wichita Eagle, April 24, 2004)

Hybrids grow on U.S.
(Wichita Eagle, April 23, 2004)

Hybrid vehicle registrations up more than 25 percent in 2003
(Detroit News, April 22, 2004)

Hybrid buyers are waiting in the wings:
Environmentally conscious line up to buy most fuel-efficient cars
(San Francisco Chronicle, April 21, 2004)

How a Pig's Waste Became Oil
(New York Times, April 20, 2004)
(Registration required)

CON: Don't be fooled by big oil
(Wichita Eagle, April 20, 2004)

PRO: Stop blocking energy bill
(Wichita Eagle, April 20, 2004)

Dulley: Drafts mean old caulking needs to be replaced
(Wichita Eagle, April 17, 2004)

Editorial: A chance to take advantage of sunshine
(Great Falls (MT) Tribune, April 16, 2004)

Tax credit suspension stalling wind energy
(Wichita Eagle, April 16, 2004)

Wyoming First to Get Wind Turbine Tester
(Wichita Eagle, April 16, 2004)

Editorial: Mercury Wars
(New York Times, April 15, 2004)
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Lights Out! The End of the Oil Age
(AlterNet.org, April 14, 2004)

Despite high gas prices, Americans keep on driving
Fuel will have to top at least $2, if not $3, for drivers to change their behavior.
(Christian Science Monitor, April 13, 2004)

Gravitz: Solar's moment in the sun
(Topeka Capital-Journal, April 12, 2004)

Gas price relief unlikely
(Topeka Capital-Journal, April 9, 2004)

Bill Ford: Steeper gas taxes would fuel hybrid demand
(Detroit News, April 8, 2004)

Ford CEO: government help needed to encourage more fuel-efficient purchases
(Detroit Free Press, April 7, 2004)

FUEL ECONOMY: Ford prepares 3rd gas-electric vehicle
(Detroit Free Press, April 7, 2004)

With Gas Prices High, a Trickle Makes an Oilman
(New York Times, April 7, 2004)
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White House Minimized the Risks of Mercury in Proposed Rules, Scientists Say
(New York Times, April 7, 2004)
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Prospecting for power, these wildcatters go where the wind blows
(Kansas City Star, April 6, 2004)
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Editorial: False Promises on Gas
(New York Times, April 5, 2004)
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Editorial: Misplaced Energy
(Washington Post, April 5, 2004)

To clean the air, communities grab a bucket
(Christian Science Monitor, April 1, 2004)

Plan could mean even higher prices at gas pumps
(Wichita Eagle, April 1, 2004)

March 2004

Molly Ivins: Bush's assaults on the environment endless
(Wichita Eagle, March 31, 2004)

High-octane dispute between Kerry, Bush over fuel cost
(San Francisco Chronicle, March 31, 2004)

Kerry and Bush Campaigns Trade Charges on Gas Price
(New York Times, March 31, 2004)
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Hopes of Building Nation's First New Nuclear Plant in Decades
(New York Times, March 31, 2004)
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Buildings designed in cool shades of 'green'
(USA Today, March 30, 2004)

Mercury Uprising
Bush's mercury proposal draws heat from both sides of the aisle
(Grist Magazine, March 30, 2004)

Domenici: No Quick Fixes for Energy Policy
(Washington Post, March 30, 2004)

Kerry to Unveil Plan to Reduce Gas Prices
(Washington Post, March 30, 2004)

Editorial: Guzzling Gas
(Washington Post, March 29, 2004)

After nuclear's meltdown, a cautious revival
(Christian Science Monitor, March 29, 2004)

In One Small Town, Radioactive Waste Is a Welcome Sight
(New York Times, March 29, 2004)
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Editorial: Pinch at the Pump
(New York Times, March 22, 2004)
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Dulley: Thicker shingles are more resistant to wind
(Wichita Eagle, March 20, 2004)

Mercury Emissions Rule Geared to Benefit Industry, Staffers Say
(Los Angeles Times, March 16, 2004)
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Dulley: Compact fluorescent bulbs easy on eyes and the budget
(Wichita Eagle, March 13, 2004)

Rising prices at pump don't deter drivers
(Topeka Capital-Journal, March 27, 2004)

Beck: Clarity needed in oil and gas accounting
(Topeka Capital-Journal, March 21, 2004)

Gas Prices Are Seen Rising Even Higher
(New York Times, March 18, 2004)
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Editorial: Power Shortage
(New York Times, March 18, 2004)
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High energy costs lift prices
(Topeka Capital-Journal, March 18, 2004)

Dulley: Compact fluorescent bulbs easy on eyes and the budget
(Wichita Eagle, March 13, 2004)

Prices at the pump vault toward all-time high
(Christian Science Monitor, March 9, 2004)

Sklar: An urgent Apollo project here on Earth
(Topeka Capital-Journal, March 8, 2004)

Fury on the frontier of energy drilling
(Christian Science Monitor, March 8, 2004)

Dulley: Tankless water heaters save
(Wichita Eagle, March 6, 2004)

Easy on the eyes and the environment
The number of environmentally friendly new homes is increasing, as builders - and buyers - 'go green.'
(Christian Science Monitor, March 3, 2004)

Experts Say New Desktop Fusion Claims Seem More Credible
(New York Times, March 3, 2004)
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