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Kansas Energy News

February 2006

Proposal for state energy advisory panel rejected
(Lawrence Journal-World, Feb. 27, 2006)

Living off the grid
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Feb. 27, 2006)
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Utilities will reveal cost of being clean
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 25, 2006)
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‘Green’ office building blazes earth-friendly trail
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 24, 2006)
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Biofuel boom breeds a new niche: the ethanol distributor
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 23, 2006)

Biofuel Boom
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Feb. 23, 2006)
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Scrap metal thieves targeting utilities
(Lawrence Journal-World, Feb. 23, 2006)

K-State Students work on solar house
(Kansas State Collegian, Feb. 21, 2006)

Panel endorses Sunflower request for shorter appeals
(The Hutchinson News, Feb. 22, 2006)
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Few complaints about Pratt rate hike
(Pratt Tribune, Feb. 21, 2006)

New evidence of oil boom is found in Ness County
(Lawrence Journal-World, Feb. 21, 2006)

Editorial: Oil giant's windfall profits
(The Hutchinson News, Feb. 20, 2006)
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Western Kansas oil communities see a Boom Time
(The Hutchinson News, Feb. 19, 2006)
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Value of state oil, gas production up in '05
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Feb. 17, 2006)
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Editorial: A crude awakening
(Garden City Telegram, Feb. 17, 2006)

Westar's decision delayed
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Feb. 17, 2006)

House rejects bill aimed at promoting energy efficiency programs
(Lawrence Journal-World, Feb. 17, 2006)

County approves zoning for wind farm
(Dodge City Globe, Feb. 16, 2006)

Warm winter not cooling demand for energy assistance
(Lawrence Journal-World, Feb. 15, 2006)

Energy center creates excitement in Topeka, (Page 2)
(Goodland Star-News, Feb. 14, 2006)

Gas bill would allow new safety surcharge
(The Hutchinson News, Feb. 14, 2006)
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Proposed ethanol plant to fuel job growth
(Garden City Telegram, Feb. 13, 2006)

ICM to build new ethanol plant in Missouri
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 13, 2006)

KCK BPU and Black and Veatch finalize contract
(Kansas City Kansan, Feb. 8, 2006)

Standing room only for GEC hearing, (Page 2)
(Goodland Star-News, Feb. 10, 2006)

I Wonder: Where's the ethanol?
(Manhattan Mercury, Feb. 9, 2006)
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Low rate to pay big dividend; Pratt and Gateway Ethanol share the benefits of its high-volume water usage
(Pratt Tribune, Feb. 8, 2006)

Bio-based fuels get legislative kick-start
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 8, 2006)

Capitol Briefing: Polluting parks
(Lawrence Journal-World, Feb. 6, 2006)

Switchgrass holds promise as energy source
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 5, 2006)
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Editorial: Sunflower's Plans
(Garden City Telegram, Feb. 4, 2006)

State's potential can't be ignored
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 2, 2006)

Goodland Energy Center water line may not use county ditches
(Goodland Star-News, Feb. 3, 2006)

Goodland Energy Center air permit hearing Wednesday, (Page 2)
(Goodland Star-News, Feb. 3, 2006)

Case may affect coal-bed operations
(Parsons Sun, Feb. 2, 2006)

Judge considering case over methane gas from coal drilling
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 2, 2006)
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Judge considering methane gas case
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Feb. 2, 2006)
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KCP&L files for rate increases
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 2, 2006)
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Editorial: Bush oil cure won't end dependency
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 2, 2006)

Bush’s comments fail to sustain MGP surge
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 2, 2006)
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Ethanol hopes lift shares of MGP Ingredients
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 1, 2006)
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Plans call for wind power project north of St. Joe
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 1, 2006)
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Editorial: Fueling Change
(Garden City Telegram, Feb. 1, 2006)

Energy, weather concern farmers
(Garden City Telegram, Feb. 1, 2006)

Panel eyes Kan. biodiesel production
(The Hutchinson News, Feb. 1, 2006)
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Editorial: Flip the switch - Encourage energy production in W. Kan.
(Lawrence Journal-World, Feb. 1, 2006)

KCP&L Utility to file with regulators today
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 1, 2006)
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January 2006

Sebelius names new KEC members
(Press Release, Jan. 31, 2006)

Scott City man shifts from traditional to hybrid cars
(Garden City Telegram, Jan. 28, 2006)

Legislative help sought for power complex
(Lawrence Journal-World, Jan. 27, 2006)

Sunflower seeks change in pollution permit
(The Hutchinson News, Jan. 27, 2006)
(Registration required)

City begins negotiations with Sunflower for power supply
(Goodland Star-News, Jan. 27, 2006)

Energy Center wants to run water line down right-of-way
(Goodland Star-News, Jan. 27, 2006)

Recycling site can process glass, cardboard and more
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 27, 2006)

BPU to host energy workshop
(Kansas City Kansan, Jan. 25, 2006)

City: Electric costs could get shocking
(Garden City Telegram, Jan. 25, 2006)

Turbine being built at Crowder College
(Joplin (Mo.) Globe, Jan. 25, 2006)

Lyons faces 12 pipeline violations
(The Hutchinson News, Jan. 24, 2006)
(Registration required)

How cool can we get?
(Lawrence Journal-World, Jan. 22, 2006)

Energy goal: Conserve, produce
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Jan. 21, 2006)
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Wichita offers free winter kits for sealing up homes
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 19, 2006)

Californians show interest in county for ethanol plant
(Marysville Advocate, Jan. 18, 2006)

Wittig flouts rules, is jailed
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 18, 2006)

Judge locks up Wittig
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Jan. 18, 2006)
(Registration required)

Decision seemed to daze Wittig
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Jan. 18, 2006)
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Westar asks regulators to reconsider ruling
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 18, 2006)

Former Westar CEO sent to prison
( Lawrence Journal-World, Jan. 17, 2006)

Oil, gas uptick buoys Kansas
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 17, 2006)

Energy key topic at 2006 Farm Forum
(McPherson Sentinel, Jan. 16, 2006)

Clean Renewable Energy: It's our turn to lead
(Planet Kansas (Sierra Club newsletter), Dec. 2005/Jan. 2006)

Kansans eye opportunities for wind energy
(The Hutchinson News, Jan. 15, 2006)
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Editorial: Real-world fuel economy
(The Hutchinson News, Jan. 13, 2006)
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Harvey County talks to Westar about Waste Incineration
(Newton Kansan, Jan. 10, 2006)

Editorial: Air permit hearing; time to be counted
(Goodland Star-News, Jan. 10, 2006)

Wind turbines scheduled
(Goodland Star-News, Jan. 6, 2006)

Energy Center site ready for plants
- (Second Page)
(Goodland Star-News, Jan. 6, 2006)

State last in promotion of energy conservation
(The Hutchinson News, Jan. 6, 2006)
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Editorial: Incinerating trash no quick fix
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 6, 2006)

Editorial: Energy proposal makes sense
(Manhattan Mercury, Jan. 5, 2006)
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Fire starts after electrical line breaks Wednesday
(Newton Kansan, Jan. 5, 2006)

Energy will be burning issue
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Jan. 5, 2006)
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Sebelius to head Governor's Ethanol Coalition
(Wichita Business Journal, Jan. 5, 2006)

Warmer weather doesn't cool need for heating bill aid
(The Hutchinson News, Jan. 5, 2006)
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Sebelius proposes $5M in energy assistance
(The Hutchinson News, Jan. 5, 2006)
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Sebelius proposes state aid for heat bills
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 4, 2006)

Harvey County weighs the power of trash
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 3, 2006)

Energy Center may bring diversity to economy
- (Second Page)
(Goodland Star-News, Jan. 3, 2006)

U.S. Energy News

February 2006

Biodiesel: Homegrown Oil
(Mother Earth News, February/March 2006)

"Carpe Vim" - Seize the Energy
(Inside CU - University of Colorado faculty newsletter, Feb.28, 2006)

Energy independence is a disaster in the making
(Fortune on-line, Feb. 28, 2006)

Editorial: Sneak Attack on Cape Wind
(New York Times, Feb. 28, 2006)
(Registration required)

Americans Are Cautiously Open to Gas Tax Rise, Poll Shows
(New York Times, Feb. 28, 2006)
(Registration required)

A Magic Way to Make Billions
(Time on-line, Feb. 26, 2006)

Save energy in a flash
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 26, 2006)

Dulley: Catch some rays to heat your home
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 25, 2006)

Cape Wind meets the influence peddlers
(Cape Cod Today, Feb. 23, 2006)

Wind farm firm says lobbyists got to lawmaker
(Boston Globe, Feb. 23, 2006)

Bush Admits to 'Mixed Signals' Regarding Laboratory on Renewable Energy
(New York Times, Feb. 22, 2006)
(Registration required)

Wisconsin reps attacking high railroad costs
((Madison, Wis.) Capital Times, Feb. 22, 2006)

Alaska and Oil Companies Reach Gas Pipeline Deal
(New York Times, Feb. 22, 2006)
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Federal Wildlife Monitors Oversee a Boom in Drilling
(Washington Post, Feb. 22, 2006)
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Backroom Deal Threatens to Kill Cape Wind
(Cape Cod Today, Feb. 21, 2006)

Bush Blames Energy Lab Cuts on Mix-Up
(Washington Post, Feb. 21, 2006)
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Bush blames cuts at energy lab on mix-up
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 21, 2006)

Bush to visit uneasy NREL today
(Longmont (Co.) Daily Times-Call, Feb. 21, 2006)

In Visits to 3 States, Bush Pushes Alternative Energy
(New York Times, Feb. 21, 2006)
(Registration required)

Venturing off the grid
(San Francisco Chronicle, February 21, 2006)

Powered by Pooches
(San Francisco Chronicle, February 21, 2006)

Aquila to leave fate of plant up to Missouri regulators
(Newton Kansan, Feb. 17, 2006)

Investors Are Tilting Toward Windmills
(New York Times, Feb. 15, 2006)
(Registration required)

Plug pulled on renewable energy gurus
(Denver Post, Feb. 14, 2006)

U.S. Has Royalty Plan to Give Windfall to Oil Companies
(New York Times, Feb. 14, 2006)
(Registration required)

Biodiesel plant coming to northwest Missouri
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 13, 2006)
(Registration required)

Using bugs to gin up ethanol
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 12, 2006)

Compact fluorescent bulbs save on energy costs
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 12, 2006)

On energy, Bush fails to use the government's leverage
(St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press, Feb. 8, 2006)

Programs in Missouri developing alternative energy sources
(Columbia (Mo.) Missourian, Feb. 8, 2006)

Hughes: To reduce oil intake, Bush's energy plan can only do so much
(Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 8, 2006)

Governor Threatens to Block Energy Leases Off Louisiana
(New York Times, Feb. 8, 2006)
(Registration required)

Ford to announce plan to expand E-85 Midwest availability
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 7, 2006)
(Registration required)

Corn Power Put to the Test
(New York Times, Feb. 7, 2006)
(Registration required)

Commentary: Energy conservation doesn’t just save us money, it is patriotic
(Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times, Feb. 7, 2006)

McClanahan: Weaning autos away from oil
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 7, 2006)
(Registration required)

In our view: Encouraging new sources of energy
(Joplin (Mo.) Globe, Feb. 6, 2006)

Editorial: Next Steps on Energy
(New York Times, Feb. 6, 2006)
(Registration required)

Francis: America warms up to nuclear power
(Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 6, 2006)

Light: Lasting troubles in America's coal community
(Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 6, 2006)

Dulley: Insulated window shades can cut drafts
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 4, 2006)

Editorial: For oil addicts, switch-grass gas and more
(Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 3, 2006)

Editorial: Feeding the Oil Addiction
(Washington Post, Feb. 3, 2006)
(Registration required)

Columbia tests energy options
(Columbia (Mo.) Missourian, Feb. 2, 2006)

Making an Oil Pledge
(Washington Post, Feb. 2, 2006)
(Registration required)

GM Bets on Hybrids, Factory in Maryland
(Washington Post, Feb. 2, 2006)
(Registration required)

Editorial: The State of Energy
(New York Times, Feb. 1, 2006)
(Registration required)

Call to Cut Foreign Oil Is a Refrain 35 Years Old
(New York Times, Feb. 1, 2006)
(Registration required)

Bush to seek to break U.S. 'addiction to oil'
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 1, 2006)
(Registration required)

January 2006

Dunn mulls co-generation unit for power
(Madison (Wis.) Capital Times, Jan. 31, 2006)

Report accuses KCP&L of violating permit
(Kansas City Star, Jan. 30, 2006)
(Registration required)

State looking into report that KCP&L plant violating permit
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 30, 2006)

Bush to promote fuel-saving technologies
(Kansas City Star, Jan. 29, 2006)
(Registration required)

Hybrids are advancing faster than expected
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 27, 2006)

Nuclear Energy Plan Would Use Spent Fuel
(Washington Post, Jan. 26, 2006)
(Registration required)

Big Test Looms for Prosecutors at Enron Trial
(New York Times, Jan. 26, 2006)
(Registration required)

In China: energy needs vs. mine safety
(Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 26, 2006)

GREEN Solar Gets Practical
(San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 25, 2006)

Greenhouse operation goes through roof
(Lawrence Journal-World, Jan. 24, 2006)

W.Va. lawmakers pass mine safety legislation
(Lawrence Journal-World, Jan. 24, 2006)

Oil prices climb to Katrina levels
(Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 23, 2006)

As Profits Soar, Companies Pay U.S. Less for Gas Rights
(New York Times, Jan. 23, 2006)
(Registration required)

A new gust of wind projects across the US
(Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 19, 2006)

Behind rising oil cost: Nigeria
(Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 19, 2006)

A new gust of wind projects across the U.S.
(USA Today, Jan. 18, 2006)

Risk: In S.U.V., Children Aren't Necessarily Safer
(New York Times, Jan. 17, 2006)
(Registration required)

Corn Farmers Smile as Ethanol Prices Rise, but Experts on Food Supplies Worry
(New York Times, Jan. 16, 2006)
(Registration required)

Dulley: Fires are warm, but fireplaces can cool down the house
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 14, 2006)

OUR VIEW: Let’s have more realistic estimates of fuel usage
(La Crosse (Wis.) Tribune, Jan. 13, 2006)

U.S. Reverses Accord and Opens 389,000 Acres in Alaska to Explore for Oil
(New York Times, Jan. 13, 2006)
(Registration required)

The Wind and the Willful
(Grist Magazine, Jan. 12, 2006)

Editorial: Going 'hybrid' with houses
(Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 12, 2006)

Algae - like a breath mint for smokestacks
(Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 11, 2006)

E.P.A. Planning Closer Estimate of Car Mileage
(New York Times, Jan. 11, 2006)
(Registration required)

EPA plans to issue real-world vehicle fuel ratings
(San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 11, 2006)

Whole Foods makes wind-power history
(Rocky Mountain News, Jan. 11, 2006)

Wind power splits greens
(Washington Times, Jan. 11, 2006)

New hybrid offerings may not increase sales
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 6, 2006)

Europe warms to nuclear power
(Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 6, 2006)

Editorial: Coal's Power Over Politicians
(New York Times, Jan. 6, 2006)
(Registration required)

Petrol Oil and Gas drills another three successful wells
(Oil On-line, Jan. 4, 2006)


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