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The maps listed below were prepared for the Kansas Energy Council by the staff of the Kansas Biological Survey, with cooperation from staff from the Data Access and Support Center (DASC) and others. They are based on the most recent aerial and satellite data available. Click here to learn more about mapping procedures.

For each of the 13 counties in the core Flint Hills ecoregion (see map), two maps were produced that show the amount of intact prairie landscape, a photo. jpg and a grid. peg. Only the photo. jpg map is available for the 7 peripheral counties (Jackson, Shawnee, Marion, Dickinson, Clay, Ottawa, Saline) because of the small amount of prairie present.

  • The photo. jpg shows the outline of the 90-100% intact prairie landscapes greater than 2,000 acres in area. The prairie landscapes are displayed over an aerial photograph to allow users to see the underlying landscape.
  • The grid. peg shows the 90-100% areas, like the photo. jpg, but these maps also show additional areas of prairie (90%-100%, 50-90%, and less than 50% intact prairie) as they were mapped in 40 acre grids. The grid view allows users to see the arrangement of other areas of prairie that are part of the cropland, woodland, and grassland landscape.

GIS data layers for the Flint Hills and tall grass prairie - also includes various PDF versions of maps.

Links to County Maps

All Counties

Map of the Heart of the Flint Hills Area (17.8 MB) - Nov. 2004

Map of the Heart of the Flint Hills Area - small version (1.7 MB) - Nov. 2004

Flint Hills Prairie Map (416 KB)

Butler County
butler_grid.jpg (632 KB)
butler_photo.jpg (840 KB)

Chase County
chase_grid.jpg (384 KB)
chase_photo.jpg (704 KB)

Chautauqua County
chaut_grid.jpg (428 KB)
chaut_photo.jpg (556 KB)

Clay County
clay_photo.jpg (704 KB)

Cowley County
cowley_grid.jpg (572 KB)
cowley_photo.jpg (756 KB)

Dickinson County
dickinson_photo.jpg (616 KB)

Elk County
elk_grid.jpg (388 KB)
elk_photo.jpg (552 KB)

Geary County
geary_grid.jpg (416 KB)
geary_photo.jpg (488 KB)

Greenwood County
greenwood_grid.jpg (408 KB)
greenwood_photo.jpg (668 KB)

Jackson County
jackson_photo.jpg (688 KB)

Lyon County
lyon_grid.jpg (568 KB)
lyon_photo.jpg (600 KB)

Marion County
marion_photo.jpg (704 KB)

Marshall County
marshall_grid.jpg (688 KB)
marshall_photo.jpg (680 KB)

Morris County
morris_grid.jpg (528 KB)
morris_photo.jpg (608 KB)

Ottawa County
ottawa_photo.jpg (520 KB)

Pottawatomie County
pott_grid.jpg (408 KB)
pott_photo.jpg (512 KB)

Riley County
riley_grid.jpg (472 KB)
riley_photo.jpg (500 KB)

Saline County
saline_photo.jpg (556 KB)

Shawnee County
shawnee_photo.jpg (472 KB)

Wabaunsee County
wabaunsee_grid.jpg (516 KB)
wabaunsee_photo.jpg (624 KB)

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